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A clean carpet especially cleaned professionally by best carpet cleaning gordon services can be a distinct advantage for those who want to bring the impression of a more vibrant room. Not infrequently, the selection of carpets must be very selective, starting from the selection of colors, materials to patterns. Today, there are many types of carpets for sale. However, please note that the carpet has quite a variety of types. It is recommended that, before you decide to buy a carpet, you should know the various types of carpets below.

Silk carpet material generally comes from natural fibers, so the price is slightly more expensive than other carpet materials. However, silk-type rugs offer high premium quality and will create an exclusive impression as a complement to the room decor. While wool is widely known to have a soft and fine coat structure. Coupled with strong durability, this type of wool rug can provide maximum comfort and make you not have to worry about stubborn stains getting dirty on the rug. Wool fabric is very easy to clean and more durable. For the price, this carpet is still classified as occupying the average price of a carpet in general. The synthetic fibers that are the basis for making Polypropylene rugs also have the same advantages as wool, namely that they are easy to clean but the material/color fades very quickly. The price is very affordable, much in demand by many people.

Carpets made of cotton also have affordable prices such as Polypropylene rugs, apart from being not that expensive, these rugs are also quite easy to clean. However, the drawback is that these carpets are less reliable for a long period because generally, cotton rugs do not last. After you find the right choice, don’t forget to clean the carpet regularly to keep it clean. If you can’t do it yourself, a professional carpet cleaning service is ready to help you clean the carpet until it is completely clean.

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